Alliance for Social Impact Investment wants to encourage the social business market in Portugal

asii_todos_Colour Wheel & Shadow

The consortium partners: TESE, Finance for Social Impact, Sair da Casca and Vieira de Almeida announce the launching of the Alliance for Social Impact Investment (ASII) project, financed by the European Union, which aims to stimulate social business in Portugal.

ASII project wants to identify and establish a partnership between investors and other stakeholders to develop a financing platform that encourages social business, as well as the framework and rules for its operation through the celebration of a memorandum of understanding between the relevant stakeholders.

Initially ASII will perform a diagnosis of the situation in Portugal with the participation of a broad variety of stakeholders, comparing it to other realities (French and Portuguese) and seeking to identify best practices and critical success factors for the start of this new market. In this context the project has an expert partner CDI – Comptoir de l’Innovation, one of the largest investment funds in social enterprises in Europe.

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